Construction site cleanup, used item recycling

At Xception Contracting, we repurpose and reuse our construction waste wherever possible. We also offer this service to other contractors, or home owners. By using cut off waste to construct small useful items, we keep many truckloads of waste our of our landfills every year. We are also able to offer low income clients options for using recycled or repurposed materials on their projects to save money.

For Businesses:

  • Have your jobsite cleaned up properly, we come with leaf blowers/vacuums, brooms, shop vacs, magnet sweepers, and our fine toothed combs.
  • Interior cleaning also available, walls, floors, carpets, etc.
  • We sort the waste (or call us before you start for waste sorting bins to reduce labor cost)
  • Reusable materials are taken to our shop for processing, otherwise we take them to restore, other charitible organizations or when needed to the dump for proper recycling and disposal.

For Home owners:

  • Post project cleanup - whether it was a DIY or hired help, if there's a mess left behind we can get that for you
  • Need that garage cleaned out and old junk gone?
  • Estate/foreclosure cleanout and hauling